If you’re pondering the question, ‘how to rent out my property to holidaymakers,’ the good news is increasing numbers of homeowners are taking this step. Property rental companies like Fidalsa Rent are catering to this buoyant market, allowing their clients to generate welcome income. Spain is currently no. 2 in the list of the world’s favourite tourist hotspots, attracting a jaw-dropping 80 million visitors per annum.

“How do I rent out my house?”

Many incomers seeking holiday accommodation gravitate to the range of activities available on the country’s Mediterranean and northern shores. As an alternative to touching down in the bustling cities of Madrid or Barcelona, they’ll be eager to embrace the flexibility of renting homes while investigating the delights of Alicante and Murcia. As global travel gains momentum again, Iberian holiday homes will become a magnet to sunseekers. If you lack experience in renting out your property, the first step would be to hire our team of property management experts.

how to rent out my property

“Can I rent out my house in Spain?”

If you own a holiday home situated in the Mediterranean coastal resorts of Alicante and Murcia, you’re already at an advantage. Cantabria and the Basque Country to the north are similarly sought-after areas for breaks. The best piece of advice is to allow Fidalsa Rent to apply their expertise and experience in handling your property letting. Operating as a 100% reliable holiday home management agency for over 30 years, your home will be in capable hands with a team of professional rental managers. Their access to cutting-edge technology within Spain’s tourist sector will pinpoint the optimum ways to secure clients. With inside knowledge of the best restaurants, clubs, shops and places of interest, the agency will ensure your holiday home is promoted all-year round. You’ll retain control of your property via an easy-to-manage online account, while the agency will guarantee your home appears in more than 50 portals. The agency offers a multilingual service team, available 24/7, so you’ll be able to invite prospective customers from all over the globe. Fidalsa Rent will also handle the legal side of things, and maintain your property for the duration of each let.

“Should I sell or rent my house?”

If you’re looking to maximise the potential for a longer-term income, then letting out your Spanish home is a surefire way to maintain a stream of clients. During periods when you are not using the property yourself, it would be reassuring to know your house is going to remain occupied. This will have a knock-on effect on your insurance, as homes left empty for any time incur greater premiums. If you have a second home you like to escape to now and again, you can do so in the knowledge that during your absence you will still be earning from short-term rentals of your main property.

“How to rent out my property”

How much you charge for rent is down to several elements. Do you have a mortgage to recoup? What are you paying per month for energy bills? When letting out your home during the Spanish winter, you should factor in increased fuel consumption. What about property maintenance? Agent and property management fees? Online promotion. Cleaning and laundry in-between guests leaving and the next clients taking their place. You’ll also need a contingency fund in case damages occur, or any household items need repairing.

Various pricing models are used. The commonest is charging a fixed price per night, as this is easy to apply and manage. You charge ‘per guest,’ stating a basic rate, applying a surcharge if larger parties wish to book. Another option would be to price according to how long your guests were going to be living in your home. You might want to offer discounts to those staying longer. This would incentivise people to take advantage of your hospitality, and you could increase this discount to encourage visitors to book off-season. Lastly, you might want to consider special offers, such as last-minute deals. Again, your best option would be allowing Fidalsa Rent to deal with this side of things directly.

i want to rent out my house for holiday letting

Further selling points

You might be offering guests extra features, such as the use of a hot tub or pool, or access to premium TV channels. Will they be able to enjoy the privacy of an enclosed garden? There are other questions to ask in conjunction with ‘how can I maximise what I can earn to rent out my property’ – is car hire readily available? Is there a dedicated parking space?

“I want to rent my house”

Think about where the rental property is situated. People will expect to pay higher rental fees if they’re going to be staying in proximity to a beach, or if your home offers interesting views. South-eastern and northern Spain boast outstanding landscapes. The type of holiday experience is also incredibly flexible. Some guests are purely seeking somewhere to relax, whether chilling on San Juan Beach or soaking up the Bay of Biscay sunshine. Others will be more adventurous, keen to hire scooters or to take a walk around Alicante’s impressive first fortress. The latter excursion is particularly popular because it also offers a breathtaking elevator ride up from sea level, through a mountain.

Your guests might love exploring the 18th-century baroque cathedral of Murcia, a captivating site that also offers magnificent views of the surrounding coastline. More intrepid visitors often use this location as a starting point for hiking into the surrounding hills. There are also weekly marketplaces in Murcia, where the local produce on offer includes fresh-cut Jamon, olives, and mouth-melting cheeses.

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“How much could I rent my house for?”

The income you can make depends on the nature of your property. Let’s take the example of a 50 m² one-bedroom apartment in the Alicante Hills, containing one double bed and a double-bed sofa, ideal for a family of four. You could charge your customers between €60 and €70. For a five-star four-bedroom villa with three bathrooms, equipped with four double beds and one sofa double bed, and covering 178 m², the potential income would jump to over €330 per night. If you check out the Fidalsa Rent website, you’ll get an excellent idea of the diverse range of holidays lets. Each of these started with someone just like you thinking, ‘why don’t I rent out my property?’

At Fidalsa Rent we have more than ten years of experience in holiday rentals and property management. We work to offer the best comprehensive holiday rental and management service to owners: from management and bureaucratic procedures, to maintenance, care and booking management. Entrust your property to Fidalsa Rent and you won’t have to worry about anything else. We will help you to manage it and make it profitable. Visit our holiday home letting agency page to get more information and contact us without obligation for a personalised assessment.