Excellence as a holiday lettings agency in Pais Vasco

Our team of professionals makes your property as profitable as possible, using cutting-edge technology in the
tourism sector in Pais Vasco, while at the same time taking care of your property so that it is always in perfect condition.

For your total peace of mind we take care of your property, we make it profitable and at the same time we give you
complete control through your online account where we make our work in holiday rental management visible in Pais Vasco.

Property management services in Pais Vasco

If you are wondering "how to rent my house on airbnb" for example, Fidalsa has all the answers and offers you the
best tools as an expert property management company in the holiday letting sector of Pais Vasco.
Put your house in professional hands

More than 50 portals

By managing your properties, we make them more visible through the main national and international holiday
rental portals listing your properties for rent. In addition, we position your properties through Seo.

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“How to rent out my house in Pais Vasco”

We take care of everything as a holiday let agency specialist and property management in Pais Vasco with 6 years of
experience in the sector. We work to ensure that our clients get the most out of their properties. In addition, we calculate
how much you can earn for renting out your property.

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