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Our team of professionals makes your property as profitable as possible, using cutting-edge technology in the
tourism sector, while at the same time taking care of your property so that it is always in perfect condition.

For your total peace of mind we take care of your property, we make it profitable and at the same time we give you
complete control through your online account where we make our work in holiday rental management visible .

¿Where to go on holiday in Spain?

If you are wondering "how to rent my house on airbnb" for example, Fidalsa has all the answers and offers you the
best tools as an expert property management company in the holiday letting sector.
Put your house in professional hands

More than 50 portals

By managing your properties, we make them more visible through the main national and international holiday
rental portals listing your properties for rent. In addition, we position your properties through Seo.

Where to rent my holiday home?

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“How to rent out my house”

We take care of everything as a holiday let agency specialist and property management in Spain with 6 years of
experience in the sector. We work to ensure that our clients get the most out of their properties. In addition, we calculate
how much you can earn for renting out your property.

Questions about property management services

Vacation rental is a professionalized sector and must meet all the requirements of a tourist accommodation. We take care of everything so that the owner does not have to do anything:
  • We legalize your home as a vacation rental
  • We manage the entrances and exits ( check in / check out )
  • Guest verification
  • Elaboration of bills
  • All mandatory procedures with the authorities: INE, MECH, PN, etc. 
  • Legal and tax advice
We work with more than 50 portals around the world to make your property visible throughout the seasons in the year. See some of our collaborators
We take care of your home and also make it as profitable as possible:
  • Professional photographic report to make your home stand out. Professional photos and everything your property needs to stand out: video, night photos, drone photos, etc. Professional photos not only enhance the image of your home but should show what customers are looking for . See some examples
  • Interior design (home staging ). The home staging of a vacation property is essential to make it attractive to the largest number of potential customers. We also advise you to meet the requirements of a home categorized as Premium in all international portals.
  • Dynamic pricing automation. In tourism, prices change automatically depending on the time of year, the week, events, occupation in the destination, etc.
  • Professional cleaning and bed service. We use the same cleaning and home maintenance standards as in a hotel. This allows us to access specialized cleaning products that can change according to needs or regulations. We also have the constant support of specialist cleaning partners who regularly advise us on new standards or trends.
  • Insurance management. Both Fidalsa Alquiler , the portals and the property have their own insurance. Depending on what type of damage occurs, it will correspond to one of the 3. We manage it so that the owner does not have to take care of anything. 
  • Access to technology for the home. We provide the client with our portfolio of partners for the home (home automation, energy saving, etc.).
The owner, if he wishes, can access his account online from any device where he can see when it is occupied, the prices, reserve the house for his personal use…

We make our work visible to the owner.
We have a 24/7 multilingual team to serve guests. The entrances and exits of the clients can be done in complicated hours and at the same time they can always vary depending on the means of transportation and in general of external causes to the traveler. We also respond to questions or requests made to us.

We also have this 24/7 service for owners. We recommend that if it is not an emergency that you contact us from 9 am-6pm.

Tel +34 965 916 119
Whatsapp +34 671 415 115
email: info@fidalsa.es
Fidalsa Holidaysal pampers and invests a lot in each home that is why we are not interested in managing properties for just a few months. 

We understand that circumstances sometimes change and we are flexible. We want our owners to be happy.

We have properties that in addition to their use for vacation rentals are for sale. The fact of maintaining an image of such a well taken care of property makes it very attractive for sale.
We definitely highly recommend this combination of services. It accelerates sales time and earns extra income during the sales process. The house is always in perfect condition, carefully presented for investors, clients, and guests who are also potential clients to whom we inform about the layout of the property. And for those interested in the property we also offer our product “Try before you buy”, in which we allow to test the property before buying it. 
We are specialized in villas, apartments and buildings.
Contact Fidalsa Holidays to find out if it is valid and / or how it should be here.
Yes, you can use the house whenever you want. Simply block your dates from your online access.
Fidalsa would conduct a profitability study for the property. For this it is important that you give us some information about the house such as location, meters, rooms, etc. Contact us here without commitment.

Email to: info@fidalsa.es
Subject: Profitability Study
Property type: villa / apartments / country house 
Does it have any of these features: garden, pool, balconies, sea views
Approximate meters:

In order to be more precise it would be convenient to see photos of the property
During the first week of each month via transfer.
Fidalsa Holidays guarantees and makes sure all payments for stays managed by the company. 100% Guaranteed.
Both Fidalsa Holidays, the portals, and the property have their own insurance. Depending on what type of damage occurs, it will correspond to one of the 3. We manage it so that the owner does not have to take care of anything, and the property maintains in perfect condition.
For a property to be suitable, it must meet the legal requirements established by the city or region where it is located. Among them are: Urban certificate, registration in Tourism, INE, Treasury and Police. 
The main difference is that the owner of the vacation home can have their home whenever they want and have more legal protection. In addition, with Fidalsa we guarantee the payments of the vacation rental.

Another very important advantage is that the vacation rental can be combined with the sale of the property. It speeds up time of the sale, extra benefits are received right from the start and the house is always ready to be presented to a potential client.
For a property to be suitable, it must meet the legal requirements set by the city or region where it is located, among them are: urban certificate, registration in Tourism, INE, Treasury and Police. In addition, current legislation obliges to manage it following the rules of a tourist establishment, which means registering each guest entrance, like a hotel, signing a contract and keeping a strict record of everything.