When you discover what there is to see in Alicante, it becomes even clearer why it’s one of the best destinations in Spain. With its climate, beaches, hiking trails and excellent cuisine, it’s a fantastic holiday destination. In addition, it offers you a multitude of unique experiences and locations.

What to visit in the city of Alicante

There are many interesting locations that the capital of the Alicante province has to offer. Mainly, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the epicentre of the historic quarter of this city. Its porticoes, beautiful buildings and the dancing fountain are always a hit. Likewise, the port area is a great place to stroll around and enjoy the seaside atmosphere.

what to see in Alicante

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Barrio Santa Cruz Alicante Visit

You’ll fall in love with this charming neighbourhood with its narrow streets, white houses and flowered balconies. Strolling along this route becomes a transformative and emotional experience. Waiting for you here is the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás, that combines Gothic and Renaissance styles. The Crosses of May festival, celebrated between 2nd and 5th of May, is an unforgettable event. If you have the opportunity to be there, don’t let it slip away!

Central Market

The Central Market is a hive of traditional trade and rich foodstuffs. We recommend you visit this beautiful, modernist building that’s been open since 1922 when you are wondering what to see in Alicante.

Castle of Alicante

Castillo Santa Barbara

The Castle of Santa Barbara in Alicante is an absolutely charismatic and vibrant place. It is located—strategically for defence purposes—on Mount Benacantil, a rocky outcrop that borders the sea and reaches 166 metres. Since 1963, it has been open to the public, who are able to distinguish between its three main parts:

  • The turret, where the keep and the oldest relics are found.
  • Middle enclosure, which includes the most important rooms of the fortress.

Lower enclosure, in which you will find the car park and a large white marble shield.

Alicante’s seafront promenade

Six million mosaics, Casa Carbonell and street art await you on the Paseo de la Explanada. Day and night, life bustles as you walk among its palm trees, treading on the undulating red, white and black shapes that evoke the waves. It’s a place full of Alicante’s top restaurants, terraces, entertainment and appealing bars. In the evening, the buzz of activity intensifies: artisanal crafts, live music and a relaxed atmosphere accompany you on your outings.

What to see in Alicante province

If you decide to stay in the city of Alicante, you will be able to organise a multitude of delightful getaways without leaving the province. There are endless options of terrific beaches and coves, and picturesque towns in Alicante. Below, we’ll list some of the most significant spots in Alicante province. Be sure to visit them!


Altea what to see in Alicante provincia

Many consider it to be the most beautiful town in Alicante. It stands out due to its colourful appearance, as it is full of white houses dotted with bright flowers. The old town, the viewpoint overlooking the sea and the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo are at the heart of this breath-taking tour through charming narrow streets.


Another very famous provincial town, particularly for its old town and its stone coves with crystal clear waters. If you like cool atmospheres, you will find extraordinary beach clubs where you can have a great time. 

Isla de Tabarca

Isla de Tabarca

Island of Tabarca

At just a couple of kilometres long and 400 metres wide, this wonderful little island is a snorkeller’s paradise. Its bays and beaches are magnificent, while its three unique streets are unrivalled. Around them you will find a beautiful and inspiring desert environment.


It is one of Spain’s most popular and emblematic tourist destinations. This city, also known as the Spanish New York, has a bit of everything. Beaches, nightlife, sports activities, shows, shops, restaurants, entertainment for children and the whole family, etc. If you decide to visit, fun is guaranteed.

Peñón de Ifach

This natural park and protected area is located on a 50 000 square metre limestone rock. It is a true symbol of the Costa Blanca and is a magnet for climbers, divers and hikers. The walking route, consisting of two sections, lasts two and a half hours.


This rocky town, perched on a very steep and rocky crag, seems to defy gravity. Everything about it is fascinating, but especially its enormous castle.


Discover El Torres beach, Sant Josep Tower and the Amadorio dam. In addition, the Vila Gastronómica and the Valor Chocolate Museum and Factory await you in this town. Do you want to have a blast? Visit the town during its Moors and Christians festivities.

Now that you know what to see in Alicante, the answer is simple: you have to start planning for your next visit here. Find the best tourist accommodation in Alicantevisit Fidalsa online and book the fully guaranteed flat or villa of your dreams.